The Increasingly Tragic Story of Joseph Benjamin

by on April 7, 2008 updated April 19, 2014


Regular readers of this site are familiar with the tragic story of Joseph Benjamin. This once promising athlete, having failed to secure a tryout with any NFL or NBA team, has now set his sights on pro boxing.

“I’m hoping to get a shot at ESPN Boxing or Top Rank Boxing sometime in the near future.” says Benjamin.

Training in the heat of Iraq, Benjamin has still not reached top form. He blames this on the chow hall, excessive medications, and jealousy about his potential award winning physique from certain people he works in the same room with. No names please.

In the attached photo, Joseph is demonstrating how he plans to knock out Floyd Merriweather in his debut in the boxing ring. Should Joseph get his shot in the ring, send donations in lieu of flowers.

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