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by on February 11, 2009 updated February 11, 2009

 A-Rod is only the most prominent name to be released from the MLB’s steroid list. Here’s the bottom line: Major League Baseball did a cover up job and now they’re paying the price. When the first whispers of steroid use began the league should have pulled out all the stops, clamped down like a demon, and ended everyone’s suspicions. If they had, the game would have moved on by now. Instead, they’ve got a lingering disease that is sapping the faith of fans. Take your medicine biys and they’ll come back. Keep shoveling maunre and you’ll lose us all.

 It won’t matter if the LA Dodgers win the World Series, or the Red Sox, or even the Milwaukee Brewers (well that might matter). Fans are now left wondering what they’re seeing. Is any performance to be believed? Is there any player we can let our children emulate? Come on guys, you can do better. 104 players in the MLB list? Or is that just List A?


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