That Sneaky New England Patriots Guy and Other Stuff

by on October 2, 2008 updated October 2, 2008

 Fresh off the idea that the New England Patriots made a habit of taping other teams illegally comes new accusations from Oakland Raiders boss Al Davis that the Patriots tampered with Randy Moss before signing. New England is now being called “The KGB of the NFL.” Davis, speaking at a press conference where he fired Lane Kiffin, also offered the amusing anecdote that John Madden ate his way out of his contract.

 The Washington Redskins may be the hottest team in the NFC East. Back to back wins, including a victory over the Dallas Cowboys in Texas Stadium, have Redskins fans talking Super Bowl. Hold up guys, there’s 12 more games in the season. get a few “W’s” under your belts before proclaiming your next savior.

Are the Green Bay Packers regretting the Brett Favre fiasco? Maybe momentarily. But let’s face it. Green Bay was forced into it by Favre’s actions. Had he not been wishy washy about retiring the Packers would probably have been happy to keep him.

 Former Denver Broncos running back Travis Henry has been arrested and charged with selling drugs to an undercover agent. Henry, cut by the Broncos before the season, was maybe trying to work up enough spare change to pay his child support nine times over. But, innocent until proven guilty.

 This is mere speculation on my part, but I’m liking the Carolina Panthers to make a run at the NFC South again. They’ve got a strong running game, Julius Peppers is back in form, and Jake Delholme looks better than ever. The New Orleans Saints are riddled by injury and still lack a quality defense while Tampa Bay appears to be too inconsistent. It all points to the Panthers.


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