Texas Rangers Tickets – Tough Encore

by on February 15, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

Texas Rangers tickets delivered a World Series performance last season as the Rangers showed themselves to be one of the more complete teams in Major league Baseball. It’s a great thing while it’s going on but we all know that winning breeds expectations and like a great concert performance, everyone is looking for the encore to be superb. For Texas Rangers tickets holders it’s going to be hard to swallow anything but another World Series.

It’s a challenge the Rangers are going to have to meet without Cliff lee. Like most winners the Texas Rangers became the focus of other ML teams looking to build their rosters with proven talent. Lee took a flyer on Texas and departed for the City of Brotherly Love and a big payday. But it’s not like the Texas Rangers are now hurting for pitching. A lineup that includes C.J. Wilson, who posted a 15-8 record last year and rose to the occasion in the post-season, can’t be all bad. Colby Lewis, Tommy Hunter, and Derek Holland, along with Scott Feldman, should be enough to get Rangers tickets back to the post-season box office.

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