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by on September 10, 2013 updated September 10, 2013

The Houston Texans have had a problem with finishing. Texans fans will recall with an acute sense of despair how their NFL football team came so close to winning the division and getting a playoff bye, only to drop their last two games, both very winnable, and end up in the Wild Card round where they were quickly eliminated. This after a season of high achievement and even higher expectations. Those expectations are also there coming into 2013 so this year doesn’t get any easier.


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When the Houston texans were scheduled to meet up with the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football it also looked like a very winnable game. Imagine their surprise to watch the Texans fall behind to a San Diego Chargers team operating under a new coach and fall behind by three touchdowns at that. For a Texans team that seemed unable to finish either games or seasons that kind of gap looked to be impossible.

But maybe the 2013 Houston Texans have discovered something. Like, how to come back and play when the chips are down. Houston roared back from a 28-7 deficit late in the 3rd quarter to eke out a 31-28 win on a game ending field goal, capping a riotous comeback Texans fans will not forget. It’s the kind of thing that keeps fans in their seats long after all hope is lost. It’s a lesson well learned by the Texans quarterback, Matt Schaub. “Momentum keeps building, and you can feel that energy, and it’s contagious,” Schaub said after the game.

Confidence is a big thing also, and wide receiver Andre Johnson never lost his. “There was no doubt in my mind that we were going to win that game. Even in the third quarter, we didn’t come out playing that great, but we got it together and made it happen.”

For the Houston Texans it’s a big boost, a game they can keep in their back pocket for later in the season when things look bleak.

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