Tennis Tickets – The New Fashion Divas

by on January 21, 2011 updated January 21, 2011

I can remember how passionate my mother was about tennis tickets at one time. At the drop of a hat she’d be off to Wimbledon or the Australian Open or the U.S. Open or even a local nobody tennis tournament, dragging my dad along if he wasn’t lucky enough to have an excuse. Tennis is just that way. Once you’re absorbed you’re completely absorbed.

So as I’m checking in on coverage of the Australian Open lately I’m noticing a new trend. Tennis tickets aren’t just about tennis anymore. Somewhere along the way tennis tickets became the new way to get a drop on the fashion divas of the world.

All this week the news headlines were talking about the fashion aspects of the tennis world before the game results. I gotta admit I like this trend. Hey, I’m a guy, and if I can see great lady tennis players, dressed in really cute and short dresses on the court, it only adds to my enjoyment. Dad would have too.


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