Tennis Tickets – Nadal gets Frenched

by on June 5, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

Rafael Nadal has done it again, winning his 6th French Open title and beating Roger Federer for the 4th time to do it. It seems that Nadal is just more comfortable on clay. The win puts Nadal on a par with the legendary Bjorn Borg, each having won the French Open six times. Looking down the road, it may be Nadal that shatters that tie, winning at Roland Garros more than any other player.

Federer went so far as to acknowledge the dominance of Nadal, saying “he’s the best on clay.” But it seems to the casual observer that although it was a good match, that Roger Federer did not bring his best game. The 16 Grand Slam winner committed over 50 unforced errors, an unusually high number for him. I doubt even Roger Federer would use that as an excuse though. When you’re at the French Open you have to bring your best game. If Roger Federer left his in the hotel room then that’s on him.

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