Tennis Tickets – The Fall of Federer

by on September 11, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

Tennis fans watched a stunningly good match yesterday as Novak Djokovic came back time after time to eventually knock off the reigning U.S. Open champ Roger Federer. Faced with match point three times, Djokovic managed to stave off defeat. Faced with overcoming a two set lead, Djokovic managed to come back and push Federer over the edge.

For me, this is what U.S. Open tickets are made for. As much as we like to enjoy tennis champions, the U.S. Open is built to give us new heroes. The wide open format is geared to allow new faces to emerge and on Saturday, Novak Djovocic emerged in a big way. He now moves on to the U.S. Open Finals, an unlikely contender when you consider he came back against a great champion and a crowd favorite.

U.S Open tickets have given tennis fans another great match, one that will long be remembered. T Now it only remains to be seen as to whether Djovocic can finish the job.


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