Tennessee Titans Tickets – Rough Changes

by on February 8, 2011 updated February 8, 2011

Tennessee Titans tickets look to undergo a major change this season as Jeff Fisher was given the boot and now Mike Munchak has been given the reins. This guy Munchak is definitely serious and quite possible heartless. Today it was announced that Mike Heimerdinger, former offensive coordinator of the Titans, was fired from his job. Which would be OK, since the NFL is a rough place to make a living. NFL coaches laugh about this saying they’re always waiting around for the axe, which will come sooner or later. The Titans keeping Fisher for 16 years was amazing enough.

But firing Heimerdinger is a little different. You see, Heimerdinger is currently undergoing a battle with cancer. Now, if you want to let the guy go there’s better ways to do it, ways that would be easier than publicly canning him. How about saying that the Tennessee Titans are allowing him time to recover and he’ll be replaced. Just let him slip quietly away. That being said, if this guy Munchak is that tough, then maybe the Tennessee Titans are in for a remake of epic proportions.


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