Tebow Time for Broncos Tickets

by on December 18, 2010 updated April 19, 2014

NFL fans who’ve been waiting to see what Tim Tebow has to offer just might get their chance come Sunday. Like most rookie quarterbacks, Tebow has an injury to thank for his first shot at starting a game in the NFL. Kyle Orton has injured ribs and is very questionable for the game against the Oakland Raiders.

Much was made of Tim Tebow when he was at Florida and rightly so. But the college game doesn’t always translate into the NFL and Tebow had just as many detractors as fans when he went into the draft. Many questioned the move by the Denver Broncos, who moved up in the draft to get Tebow. Now, with the head coach who drafted him standing in the unemployment line, Tim tebow will have to stand on his own.

I will say this about Tim Tebow. There are NFL quarterbacks who have been told they never would thrive in the league. Doug Flutie comes to mind. Even more I’d say Drew Brees comes to mind. Both considered too small by NFL standards, one had a decade long career and the other has been a Super Bowl MVP. Maybe they defied the odds but Tim Tebow is a guy that has that “it” factor, the something that boils down to one thing, he’s a winner. he’s got as good a chance as anyone thanks that factor.

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