Taylor Swift Tickets – Awesome?

by on October 31, 2009 updated October 31, 2009

 I’ve got my back against the wall. My daughter has become enamored of Taylor swift. Currently learning to play guitar, I am constantly listening to broken pieces of Taylor Swift songs interlaced with sporadic attempts at Green Day and Aerosmith. I like the idea of her playing guitar. I have no musical talent at all and it’s nice to see someone in the family with enough drive and dedication to learn to play. She’s also got a pretty good ear, according to her guitar teacher. recently, I laid out the money for Taylor swift tickets, paid for a trip to Arkansas for the concert, and got hugs for it. Now, we’ve just found out that Taylor Swift will be in Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, and naturally DAD is the guy financing the whole trip. Bless the guys at Frontrow.com who help me out with this stuff.

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