Tampa Bay Rays – All Hail the Red Sox

by on September 25, 2010 updated April 19, 2014

 Right now the Tampa Bay Rays are cheering the Boston Red Sox. It might be a division rivalry with bad blood but the Rays have reason to be grateful after the Red Sox knocked off the New York Yankees to put Tampa Bay on top of the AL East by 1/2 of a game. Looking over the standings in the MLB it’s pretty obvious that the American League East will offer one of the tightest races in 2010. The Rays and the Yankees are running neck and neck. Yes, Boston is mathematically in the race but as a practical matter just can’t win it.

 So now Tampa Bay and New York find themselves in gut check time. What’s more, the Yankees have to have serious doubts about Andy Pettitte after a miserable performance yesterday. Down in Tampa Bay, they’re looking for a surge to finish this thing. In New York, Yankees fans are hoping to avoid a stumble after a promising start to a post World Series winning season.

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