A Tale of two Quarterbacks in the NFL

by on October 10, 2012 updated October 10, 2012


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Being a quarterback in the NFL is a pretty glamorous job. There aren’t too many of us who wouldn’t like to be in that position. Of course, we all like to think we would be one of the successful quarterbacks like say, Drew Brees or Brett Favre, or Tom Brady. But th QB position comes with plenty of heartache also, even for quarterbacks who’ve been down the playoff and Super Bowl road. It can be evn harder for those who haven’t or who never get there.

This week we’ve got a couple of quarterbacks in the NFL who are coming at the position from two different angles and neither is happy. The first is Aaron Rodgers. Now this is a guy who owns NFL MVP honors and a Super Bowl ring. So when Rodgers looks at a Packers team that won 15 games last season and says he’s not playing well, you’ve got to take it with a grain of salt. The fact is he’s just not playing up to the standard he set in 2011. But there are plenty of teams who’d like to have him. The fact is that in the NFL it takes more than a good quarterback. It takes some weapons on offense and it also takes a defense. In their loss to the Packers the Green Bay defense has a lot of blame to take. Rodgers could have played better but he played well enough to win.

On the other side of the coin is the New York Jets Mark Sanchez, a promising quarterback who has yet to solidify his position as a better than average NFL quarterback. Right now the Jets are struggling, not scoring touchdowns, and Sanchez is in the firing line. You’d have to analyze some film but the general feel around the NFL is that Mark Sanchez has fallen off since his sophomore season. Maybe it’s the pressure of having Tim Tebow waiting in the wings. Seriously, is Tebow a major threat to any good quarterback. The guy inspires a lot of people and he’s a fine athlete but have you ever seen him throw consistently. If you have let me know when. Sanchez hasn’t claimed his poor play. Rodgers has indicted himself despite the fact that his play hasn’t been nearly as abysmal. Maybe that’s why one wears a Super Bowl ring and the other doesn’t.


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