Taking the Pledge

by on November 17, 2007 updated November 17, 2007

 This week Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Wade Philips had his players sign a pledge that they would avaoid senseless penalties. First of all, shouldn’t these huys be smart enough to know this already? Secondly, the penalties Philips is concerned about are all heat of the moment infractions, over and done with before the pkayer has time to think. Maybe someone should throw the fklag on Philips.

 The Indianapolis Colts are experiencing a rash of injuries that may prove more daunting to overcome than the Patriots. At last count 14 players missed time this week because of injuries.

 The Detroit Lions have won four games in a row and are now 6-3. The first half of the season has Detroit Lions ticket holders grinning from ear to ear. The second half may have them crying in their beer but I don’t think so. The lineup for Act II has Detroit facing: The Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, and the Dallas Cowboys. Still, a 3-4 finish would give the boys from Ford Field their first winning record since Hector was a pup. I myself don’t think Detroit has anything tow orry about with the Giants who should begin their second half swoon any week now. Don’t look now but the Lions could be in the playoffs without too musch of a truggle.


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