Super Bowl

NFL Tickets – 2014 Denver Broncos Tickets and Preview

updated July 4, 2014by June 25, 2014

  Broncos Tickets Lead the AFC   Broncos tickets buyers enjoyed the second best NFL season a football fan can get and that’s the rub. The Broncos rolled their way through the regular season, posting a 13-3 record. From there it was on to the NFL playoffs where a win over the San Diego Chargers […]

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NFL Tickets – 2014 San Francisco 49ers Tickets

updated June 13, 2014by June 13, 2014

The San Francisco 49ers have been a successful NFL franchise over the course of the last three seasons.  What else would you call two NFC Championship appearance and a Super Bowl? That’s an excellent track record. The development of Colin Kaepernick, the building of a killer defense, it all adds up to making San Francisco […]

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NFL Tickets – News and Blues

updated July 4, 2014by June 5, 2014

In my last blog, I threw out some ideas about the quarterback pay scale in the NFL and debated the issue of whether Colin Kaepernick was worth the kind of money being bandied about in the news. Not that I have any problem with Kaepernick. he’s a great quarterback and will probably get better. I’m […]

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NFL Tickets – Super Bowl – High Times

updated February 1, 2014by February 1, 2014

 The Super Bowl is here tomorrow and we’re going to find out plenty of things on Sunday night:  1) Can Peyton Manning shed the image that he can’t perform in inclement weather. The forecast for New York is in the 30′s with some precipitation. Not ideal like an indoor stadium but at least it’s not […]

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NFL Tickets – Rugby or the NFL Super Bowl?

updated January 26, 2014by January 26, 2014

OK, so I’ve been in England, in Liverpool to be precise, and I’ve been subject to seeing soccer on TV channels. As you know the English call this “football.” Which is OK, I’m fine with that. But it’s not NFL football. Today I was able to take a few minutes and watch rugby. Super Bowl […]

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