NFL Tickets – First Round Frenzy

updated May 9, 2014by May 9, 2014

    The first round of the NFL draft is over and that’s good enough to excite a frenzy in NFL tickets holders. Let’s look at some of the top picks. Houston Texans – The Texans may have had the chance to trade out of this pick but chose Jadeveon Clowney instead, refusing to pass […]

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NFL Tickets – Seahawks Take Control (Of Everything)

updated December 3, 2013by December 3, 2013

 Full disclosure. I’m a fan of the New Orleans Saints.      That said, I’m also a fan of honesty and honestly, the Seattle Seahawks are one amazing football team. I believe last night proved the Seahawks are the team of destiny in the NFC. In one fell swoop Seattle has proven that they can […]

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NFL Tickets – Shocker in Indy

updated November 10, 2013by November 10, 2013

 If you looked around for NFL tickets and you saw the Rams scheduled to play the Colts on Sunday you probably passed, think as I did, that Indianapolis was going to have a blowout win. There was a blowout alright but it went the other way.      The St. Louis Rams went into Indianapolis […]

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NFL Tickets – NFC West Picks

updated August 22, 2013by August 21, 2013

Are the two best teams in the NFC located in the NFC West? This is a division that has risen to the top of the NFL in a few short years. What’s our reasoning in picking the Seattle Seahawks to win the NFC West?     Seattle Seahawks – The Seattle Seahawks have everything going […]

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St. Louis Rams 2012 Preview – NFL Tickets

updated August 3, 2012by August 3, 2012

    The St. Louis Rams are once again setting out on a path of reconstruction, this time under the guidance of long time NFL Head Coach Jeff Fisher. That’s a good thing. Fisher brings a sense of stability to the franchise and he’s got a long term type of credibility desperately need by the […]

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