NFL Tickets – Officially Bitching

updated September 27, 2012by September 27, 2012

  [maxbutton id=”11″]   “Real” NFL Officials are Back But   NFL ticket holders have been bitching for weeks about the poor quality of officiating we’ve been getting throughout the pre-season through the first three weeks of the regular season. Honestly, it probably hasn’t been that bad overall, but there have been some major incidents […]

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Officially Yours – The NFL Absurdity

updated August 29, 2012by August 29, 2012

  [maxbutton id=”11″]   OK, so now we get to watch replacement NFL officials. I’m old enough to remember when we got to watch replacement NFL players. It really wasn’t that bad and I distinctly remember watching John Fourcade quarterback the New Orleans Saints in a replacement game. Brings back some memories. But we lived […]

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