NFL News – Reggie Bush Cut by Detroit

updated February 26, 2015by February 26, 2015

Reggie Bush has been released by the Detroit Lions, a victim of injury and too many dinero on the table. Bush was productive in Detroit his first season, 2013, topping 1,000 yards and showing the flash and dash expected of him when he came out in the draft. But the one thing about reggie Bush […]

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NFL Tickets – A Look Ahead

updated February 4, 2015by February 2, 2015

The Super Bowl is over and the New England Patriots are now the reigning champs. After a few days break we now look ahead to some questions about what comes next.   New England Patriots – At 37, Tom Brady still seems more than capable of playing in the NFL another few years. Can New […]

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NFL Playoffs – Panthers at Seahawks

updated January 8, 2015by January 8, 2015

  Carolina Panthers vs Seattle Seahawks – NFC Playoffs       The Carolina Panthers took the low road into the playoffs, winning the miserable NFC South, a division that suffered a steep dive in 2014. Carolina struggled early but managed to put together a strong December to win out over the stumbling Saints and Falcons. […]

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NFL Tickets of the Week – The Final Factor

updated December 26, 2014by December 26, 2014

 Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers   The Green Bay Packers have the edge in Lambeau Field for sure. Now they have to make it pay. The Detroit Lions have the edge on defense. Now they have to make it pay. Both the Packers and the Lions are headed to the NFL playoffs this season. […]

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NFL Tickets – Saturday Predictions

updated December 20, 2014by December 20, 2014

    Ah, the Saturday schedule of NFL tickets. This is how we know our NFL season is winding down, or racing, to the finish line. When we get NFL football on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, things are coming down to the nub. Without further ado let’s toss out our feeling on how these […]

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