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Nobody Named Norv – For Like the 5th Time

updated August 24, 2012by November 2, 2011

    I’ve been writing this blog for a few years and I return once again, as I do annually, to my problem with the San Diego Chargers. You see, my contention is that nobody named Norv will ever be a Super Bowl winning Head Coach. And the coach of the San Diego Chargers is […]

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NFL Tickets – Watching Weird

updated July 24, 2011by July 24, 2011

Were about to go though one of the weirdest weeks ever plopped on to an NFL tickets holders. Months and months of speculation over the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement is about to erupt in a weird couple of weeks as the rules become clear and NFL teams attack a free agent market that’s ready explode. […]

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NFL Lockout – Not Looking Good

updated June 5, 2011by June 5, 2011

Of course it could end at any time, but from what went on in a courtroom the other day it might be a good long time before we see NFL football. It’s all about money, but in this case it’s about being the guy with the power to control the money. The NFL owners want […]

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NFL Tickets – Yak Yak

updated June 4, 2011by June 4, 2011

At some point the NFL talking has to stop, and then begin again in earnest. Those of us who buy NFL tickets are beginning to get a little po’d about the whole thing. Both sides have understandable positions. Players want to protect their long term interests. Owners want to maintain a profitable model for the […]

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NFL Tickets – Saints Sweating

updated April 19, 2014by May 6, 2011

I truly believe we’re going get to use our NFL tickets at some point this season, but I’m beginning to wonder what kind of football we’re going to see when NFL football resumes. Is the quality going to suffer. The reason I ask this is because the New Orleans Saints are drawing a ton of […]

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