The NFC – Three Games In

updated September 23, 2014by September 23, 2014

    We’re now three games into the NFL 2014 season and there are a few things that bear watching. Let’s take a look at the standings, point a few NFC teams that are surprising for either the good or the bad. bear in mind that these standings will change. With 13 games to go […]

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2014 NFC Predictions

updated July 25, 2014by July 25, 2014

No fanfare, just quick hits and our predictions on each NFC division. NFC East – The Philadelphia Eagles under Chip Kelly take the NFC East again. The Giants improve but a struggling defense leaves them lacking. The Dallas Cowboys can score but can’t stop anyone from scoring. The Washington Redskins need time for Jay Gruden […]

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NFL Tickets – Sudden Death

updated December 23, 2013by December 23, 2013

     The NFC is obviously the most interesting conference in the final week of the NFL season. There are still two division titles at stake and these NFL tickets take on a sudden death atmosphere. It’s basically a playoff scenario: Win and you keep playing, lose and you stay home in January. Chicago Bears […]

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NFL Tickets – Seahawks Take Control (Of Everything)

updated December 3, 2013by December 3, 2013

 Full disclosure. I’m a fan of the New Orleans Saints.      That said, I’m also a fan of honesty and honestly, the Seattle Seahawks are one amazing football team. I believe last night proved the Seahawks are the team of destiny in the NFC. In one fell swoop Seattle has proven that they can […]

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NFL Tickets – The NFC Lookover

updated October 11, 2013by October 11, 2013

Let’s look over the NFC and get an idea on which NFL tickets and teams are looking good by division. Bear in mind it’s early but we’re starting to get a handle on who may be postseason material and who’s going to be an also ran.     NFC East – Quite frankly this division […]

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