NFC Championship

Super Bowl Speculation – NFC Championship

updated January 17, 2014by January 17, 2014

Super Bowl Bound? Not Without Tickets!!    Let’s have some fun and look at some Super Bowl scenarios in light of the games this weekend. First of all, be assured that we’re not predicting anything. We’re just guessing. So on with the show. 49ers at Seattle – All season long the Seattle Seahawks have been […]

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NFC Championship Preview and Tickets Choices

updated January 13, 2014by January 13, 2014

 The NFL weekend is over and we now know which teams will be playing for the right to meet in the Super Bowl. On the NFC side that ends up being the game we all anticipated, a bloody battle between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, both coming out of the NFC West. NFC […]

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49ers, Kaepernick, Shut Down Panthers

updated January 12, 2014by January 12, 2014

Seahawks vs 49ers in NFC Championship. Find Tickets Here!    The San Francisco 49ers went into Carolina against a Panthers team that has gone 11-1 over their last 12 games and got it done. After staking out a 13-10 lead at the half, Colin Kaepernick took a run to the left into the endzone and […]

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Giants at 49ers Tickets – An Average View

updated January 18, 2012by January 18, 2012

Giants at 49ers tickets are raising quite a furor in the secondary tickets market. From all angles this looks like a classic NFC matchup, one that reminds me of the old days. But as I’m sitting here and reviewing what the 49ers defense did to the Saints I’m asking myself is the Giants can bring […]

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Giants vs 49ers – NFC Championship Tickets

updated January 16, 2012by January 15, 2012

NFC Championship tickets have arrived and this particular NFC Championship is going to be epic. The Giants and 49ers have both arrived at this point by sheer force of will and neither was expected to be here. When the Giants and 49ers meet this Sunday, those fans with NFC Championship tickets will get to see […]

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