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Major League Baseball Gears Up – Red Sox Rolling

updated September 5, 2013by September 5, 2013

 The Boston Red Sox look to be getting their game on for a very good postseason run, possibly even a visit to the World Series. If you look at the standings in the AL East you would have a difficult time seeing anyone catching up to Boston. Tampa Bay has a shot, being 5.5 games […]

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MLB Tickets – The Home Stretch

updated August 26, 2013by August 26, 2013

It’s been a nice run with the NFL but Major league baseball is fast approaching the home stretch, that time of year when every pitch takes on significance, every game can be a season changer, and every hit a season’s salvation. Let’s take a few minutes to look over the MLB and see who’s going […]

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Major League Baseball Tickets – Tigers Banking on AL Central Win

updated March 4, 2013by March 4, 2013

    Detroit Tigers tickets are holding out the promise of another AL Central Championship. This time Tigers fans are hoping it will be easier than it was last season when Detroit was also favored to win the division but found themselves mired in the muck, victims of an uncannily slow start. Although they did […]

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