T.O. – Making NFL Tickets Better

by on July 13, 2010 updated July 13, 2010

 What makes for great NFL tickets? Suspense, entertainment, challenge. Watching your team rise to the occasion in big games is an almost unbelievable feeling. But really, the players make the NFL. And this includes some of the most habitually arrested people around, guys who can’t keep a low profile and end up plastered on the front page. T.O. is one of those guys. Or is he?

 Interesting article on Yahoo about T.O. and it made me think. T.O. has never been on the front pages by being arrested. Correct me if I’m wrong. All his problems seem to stem from having a big ego and a bigger mouth. Did he create dissension on some teams? That’s to be debated and you’d probably get different answers from different players on those very teams. But he’s still light years away from making the kind of trouble the real bad boys make. Sorry, T.O., it’s like we never really knew you.

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