Sylvania 300 Tickets

by on July 4, 2007 updated April 19, 2014

 If you’re casting your net for NASCAR tickets let me suggest you consider Sylvania 300 tickets as your first choice. I’ve got several reasons for the recommendation, one of which is my preference for getting out of the deep south after a long hot summer. The Sylvania 300 will be held on Sept 16th at New Hampshire International Speedway in Loudon and offers one of my first chances to enjoy cooler weather without going overboard and dealing with the whole snow thing. Secondly, Sylvania 300 tickets offer your first look at the Chase for the Nextel Cup. With the riff raff eliminated and the field cleared up, I can focus on which drivers appear to be peaking and which have are petering out. Finally, I personally prefer a good fast track and lots of speed. New Hampshire International Speedway is fairly flat and comes in at about a mile. Tony Stewart took the flag last year and could do it again. But me, I’m thinking Denny Hamlin has a good chance to get his second win in New Hampshire. Currently holding the second spot in the Nextel Cup standings, Hamlin is the driver to beat in this one (in my humble opinion.)

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