Super Bowl, World Series…and Eskimo Olympics

by on July 15, 2009 updated July 15, 2009

 The NFL’s Super Bowl is one of the worlds great events. It’s probably also one of the toughest games played and because of the intensity can be one of the most brutal. The MLB’s World Series is also a tough one, more because it’s an exercise in patience and endurance while also a mentally challenging game of chess.

 These are no doubt competitive sports. The International Olympics, I believe, reign supreme as the highest challenge for individual sports. But tucked away in Alaska is an event that may just be one of the most unusual and physically demanding contests ever. Check out these events:

Knuckle Hop – Try hopping across a floor with only your toes and knuckles to support you.

Ear Weight – yes, you read that right. A weight lifting competition in which participants see who can carry the most weight suspended from their ears.

Ear Pull – This is a tug of war between two athletes tied together by their ears. Does it get any better?

Nalukataq – Basically a throwing contest using walrus skins.

 There are also several types of kicking contests and various tests of an athlete’s balance and strength. The intersting thing is that every contest in some way relates back to a tradition or necessity of Alaskan native life. It’s an interesting and very competitive event. Check it out the next time you’re in Alaska. Then you’ll really have something to talk about at your next Super Bowl party.


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