Super Bowl Winning Tickets

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If you have a Super Bowl ticket to see the Seahawks and Patriots go at it in Arizona you are already a winner. Now comes the big question of which team will take home the Lombardi Trophy. Opinions are divided.


If you look to the betting crowd you’ll find that the Patriots are favorites by a large margin. The action coming in on that side is heavily tilted toward New England. I can see some reason for that. The whole Tom Brady thing or the Bill Belichick thing, and the Patriots blowout performances in the playoffs all make New England look like a team that just won’t be stopped.

But man, it’s sure hard to get past the Seahawks. If this thing was played in Seattle I’d have to come down heavily on Seattle. And somewhere in the back of a Super Bowl fan’s mind has to be the recent losses suffered by New England in the last couple of Super Bowls. Recent history (vs Green Bay) suggests the Seahawks are some kind of team of destiny. If you hadn’t written off the Seahawks in the middle of the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship then you’re some kind of true believer.

Then we have the computer generated results. Recent iterations of a computer generated matchup also favor the Seattle Seahawks. Supposedly a simulation was run 50,000 times and Seattle came in with a probable 24-20 win. Who can argue with a computer?


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