Super Bowl Tickets – The Brett Favre Boogaloo and Other Insanity

by on December 26, 2008 updated December 26, 2008

 If you’re gearing up for Super Bowl tickets and you want to know who you’re going to see in the big game……I can’t tell you. I will tell you to keep an eye on the Indianapolis Colts. Something tells me they’ve been lurking in the mud and will soon hatch out. Purely from a regular season standpoint you’d have to favor the Tennesse Titans, and it wouldn’t surprise me, but the Colts are running under everyone’s radar.

 The NFC side also seems to favor the New York Giants as a clear cut frontrunner. I’m looking for the Carolina Panthers to make the big break and represent the NFC. Their power running game is going to be tough to stop and quarterback Jake Delholme is looking for a return trip. The Panthers have emerged from a tough NFC South and will be ready for anyone.

 Finally, there’s Brett Favre. New York jets fans are getting a dose of Green Bay Packers syndrome, where Favre starts to talk about retirement and falters towards the end of the year. The guy is a great quarterback when fresh and has inspired the New York Jets to greater heights than I would have imagined. But does he have to talk about retirement every year and yank everyone’s chain on an annual basis? Play ba;ll or retire with grace, you’re already a Hall of Famer, don’t tarnish the great memories.


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