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Super Bowl Tickets


The New York giants are the defending Super Bowl champions and right now they’ve got the look of a playoff team. Leading the NFC East, just barely, the Giants have their work cut out for them if they’d like to enjoy a high seed. But the beauty of this situation is that the New York Giants have already proven that they don’t need a high seeding in the NFC to capture another set of Super Bowl tickets. They did it last season as a Wild Card. New York has to be considered a Super Bowl contender if they make the post-season.

The Giants are 7-5 right now, good enough for an NFC East lead but they’ve got both the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys hot on their heels at 6-6. Not much room there. This week the Giants will have to contend with a New Orleans Saints team in desperation mode. The Saints have to win to keep their meager playoff hopes alive. The problem is that New Orleans has pretty much owned the Giants over the past couple of seasons. On the flip side New York now gets the Saints on their own turf. This game could solidify the Giants position with a win but a loss upsets the apple cart in the NFC, breaking things wide open for more than one team.

To make things tougher on New York Giants fans seeking Super Bowl tickets, New York must travel to Atlanta to take on the current #1 NFC team, the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta has discovered the key to winning at 11-1, and won’t be an easy win in the Georgia Dome. Following that the Giants have to travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens, who pretty much have to win to stay in contention. The only breather for the Giants is Philadelphia in the last week, a team that has simply fallen apart.

Super Bowl tickets are a real possibility for New York Giants fans. Regardless of their seeding, the Giants have proven that a late season surge is good enough to win the whole thing. Don’t be surprised to see Eli Manning and crew prove it again.


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