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Super Bowl Tickets


The San Francisco 49ers could very well earn their Super Bowl tickets this season and under the guidance of an unexpected quarterback. But I have to ask the question: Does it really matter what quarterback they use? With a defense like the 49ers, just about anyone will do.

Right now the San Francisco 49ers are 8-3 and leading the NFC West by only a single game. As much as I like their heavily defensive style, the 49ers don’t seem to be playing up to par. That may be why they’ve decided to make the switch from Alex Smith to Colin Kaepernick. It’s an intiguing move and one that will be lauded should Kaepernick lead them to a Super Bowl and heavily disputed should San Francisco fall short.

Right now things are looking good. Despite the turmoil, Kaepernick has performed well, though a statistical analysis would have you asking why the switch was made. Smith was completing 70% of his passes. Kaepernick only 65%. But if you watch him play, Kaepernick has tremendous upside while Smith is pretty much what he is and not going to get much better. It’s a good situation for the 49ers if dissension doesn’t set in.

49ers fans are banking on Super Bowl tickets tough and if that doesn’t happen things could fall apart. Looking ahead we believe the 49ers are slated for an easy playoff spot and the Super Bowl is a distinct possibility if the offense kicks up a notch. The Miami Dolphins at San Francisco is a winnable game. The next two weeks will prove telling though as a trip to New England looms large and a showdown with the Seahawks could determine the NFC West crown. A final game in Arizona is a pretty good bet for closing the season with a win.

Super Bowl tickets for 49ers fans isn’t a lock. San Francisco must rally around their young quarterback and give him plenty of breathing room. But if Kaepernick can play smart and bust open a play or two with his athleticism, the San Francisco 49ers could find themselves in New Orleans in February.

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