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Super Bowl Tickets


Super Bowl tickets could be in the future of the Houston Texans and their fans. The Texans are making believers out of us, sporting a 10-1 record and currently occupying the top spot in the AFC standings. As the season goes by Houston has proven time and again that they’ve got that certain something that pushed a team into Super Bowl contention. Even when things aren’t going well the Texans find a way to win as evidenced by back to back overtime wins against the Jaguars and the Lions. Critics will point out that Houston played poorly against weak teams and I can’t discount that but winning when you’re not playing well is the hallmark of a good team.

To counter that angle let’s look at who the Texans have beaten. Wins over the Denver Broncos on the road and the full strength Ravens add up on the plus side as well as a solid win in Chicago. The single loss in Green Bay won’t weight heavily in the playoff picture but does pose the question of whether the Houston Texans can keep pace in a high scoring affair with a potent offense. I believe they can. Matt Schaub has a solid running game and a very good weapon in the passing game with Andre Johnson.

Getting to the Super Bowl would be a lot easier if the Texans can claim home field advantage. That could boil down to the Dec 10 game against the Patriots. Other than that, Houston has a schedule that looks doable although I believe the Indianapolis Colts could play spoiler of the Texans let down their guard. The Titans really don’t pose a threat and the Minnesota Vikings haven’t played nearly as well as they did early in the season.

Bottom line is that the Houston Texans currently have the inside track to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Maintaining a high level of play will get them the top seed in the conference come playoff time but once there they could work the home field advantage and be in New Orleans very easily.

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