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Super Bowl Tickets


The great Peyton Manning experiment is playing out in Denver and Broncos fans are planning on buying Super Bowl tickets to see the Grand Finale. If it happens. While I would be the last person to say that manning can’t lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl there are some considerable challenges ahead it it’s going to happen.

Manning has certainly paid big dividends for Denver and he’s pretty much proven that he’s back in good form. Even Manning has said he’s probably not as potent as he once was but he’s only got to be good as he was once and he can earn another Super Bowl ring. Denver has pushed themselves to the top of the AFC West where they currently boas an 8-3 record and lead the second place Chargers by four game with five remaining. Only a complete collapse would keep the Broncos from the postseason and that’s probably not going to happen.

After a 2-3 start the Broncos have now won six straight, a string that includes a sweep of San Diego and a win in Kansas City so the division is in the bag from my point of view. The remaining schedule is also favorable with the Chiefs, Oakland, and Cleveland on the list. The real challenge will come against Tampa Bay, a team that’s playing well but not winning, and crunch time comes when the Broncos head for Baltimore, where they’ll be battling for seeding in the playoffs. While it looks like the Texans have the inside track for the top seed, the Broncos can get some home playoff games if they can move up against the Ravens and Patriots.

When Peyton Manning signed with Denver, Broncos fans began scouting Super Bowl tickets immediately. It’s an understandable move considering the fact that the Broncos play in a fairly weak division and now feature an NFL Hall of fame quarterback under center. Will it be enough to make their Super Bowl dreams come true? Maybe, but the playoffs mean a possible run against the Patriots or Texans, both of whom have handled the Broncos pretty well this season. While Denver is still in the running I think they’re a long shot for Super Bowl status this season.

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