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Do the Baltimore Ravens have what it takes to make their way to another Super Bowl? If they do it probably won’t be on the backs of a stunning defense since the Ravens now look like a hospital ward on that side of the ball. No, if the Ravens mean to be in the Super Bowl picture it means that Joe Flaco and the offense will have to find a little more consistency and give the defense some breathing room. The good news is that Ray Lewis could find his way back to the field in time to contribute in the post-season.

The shocking part of this picture is just how far Baltimore has fallen on the defensive side of the ball. Currently ranked at #26 in rushing yards defensively and #23 in passing yards, the Ravens can be dominated by a good offense. Improving on those numbers is a must for Baltimore’s Super Bowl hopes.

On the flip side Baltimore does have enough offense to get things done. Joe Flaco and crew have pushed themselves up in the rankings, manning the 11 spot passing yards, pretty much a complete flip flop from past years. If there’s a weakness here it’s running the ball where the Ravens are only 21st in the league.

The remaining schedule looks formidable for the Ravens post-season hopes though. Pittsburgh is struggling and doesn’t look like a playoff contender anymore, at least as long as Roethlisberger is out. The Washington Redskins and RG3 will pose some problems for the defense as will the Broncos with Payton Manning and the New York Giants. Baltimore will be favored in Cincinnati and that’s really the only game that looks sure enough to call.

Bottom line is that Super Bowl tickets will be hard to come by for the Baltimore Ravens. Without their usually tough defense the Ravens are vulnerable. The offense is good but Joe Flaco has yet to prove he can carry this team on his shoulders. It may be his time to take it on but without a track record to bolster that opinion it’s hard for me to see the Ravens getting past New England or Houston to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

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