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Super Bowl Tickets


The Atlanta Falcons have put themselves in the lead in the race for Super Bowl tickets but they haven’t locked things down yet. Skeptics will point to a dismal post-season record by the Falcons regardless of their regular season standings but since this is a new year we’d have to be fools to count out this Falcons team just yet.

With Atlanta at 11-1 and currently holding on to the #1 seed in the NFC it looks like the road to the Super Bowl could very well run through the Georgia Dome where Atlanta is unbeaten this season. The schedule also looks pretty promising for Falcons fans right now. The Carolina Panthers are up next and look like a team waiting for the season to end despite the performance of Cam Newton. Or maybe because of his performance. All indications are that the matchup with the Giants on December 16th will have major implications in the NFC playoff race. Atlanta will certainly be looking for revenge after being hammered by Eli Manning in the past and Falcons fans are anxious to have their running game keep the Giants offense in check.

The final two weeks see games with Detroit and Tampa Bay on the Falcons schedule. Detroit is struggling right now, a talented team with little leadership and no discipline. Could they bite the Falcons? Maybe, but we’re not expecting it. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the other hand have shown enough improvement to give the Falcons a run for their money and in the NFC South there’s very little reason to call a clear winner in an intense rivalry. This is a dangerous game in the making.

The Falcons have been cranking out Super Bowl hopes for two season now and fans are anxious to see things pay off. No matter what happens in the regular season, Atlanta needs playoff victories under this coaching regime, a goal that’s eluded them so far. But now, nothing else matters.

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