Super Bowl Tickets – Ravens vs Niners

by on January 22, 2013 updated January 22, 2013


Super Bowl Tickets


Super Bowl tickets, those gems of the sporting world, are now front and center in the NFL. Of course we still have the Pro Bowl ahead of us. But that’s for another story. Right now we need to look closely at the Super Bowl contenders and we’ll be doing that in the coming weeks. In my mind the major story line here is how well the San Francisco 49ers offense can cope with a Baltimore Ravens defense that has managed to stifle some very good offenses in the past few weeks. Really? Maybe a better question is how the Ravens defense is going to handle Colin Kaepernick.

Take a look at these numbers from the NFC Championship game. Pitted with beating a defense that’s been a mainstay of the Falcons all season, Colin Kaepernick walked away with a win. he completed over 75% of his passes. His elusiveness was on display as Atlanta managed only one sack. You rush this kid at your own peril. One slipped tackle and he’s downfield. kaepernick has displayed none of the erratic tendencies of a young quarterback. In the NFC Championship he accounted for no, as in 0, turnovers. He can play both games, the running QB and the pocket passer. Against the Packers he rushed for 181 yards. Against Atlanta he hung in the pocket as designed, used his running ability to force the Falcons to stay home, and his runners gashed the Atlanta defense time and again.

Colin Kaepernick, and big doses of Frank Gore and Vernon Davis, along with Crabtree, is the steamroller the Ravens must stop. It’s a tall order against a kid who seems unstoppable no matter which game he plays.

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