Super Bowl Tickets – Patriots vs Seahawks

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 Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots – Something Has to Give



Rather than spending time talking about balls, pounds per square inch, the effects of deflation, and grip, let’s spend some time talking about Super Bowl tickets. the bottom line is that this Super Bowl is going to be played, the teams are going to be the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, Bill Belichick will be on the sidelines, and Super Bowl madness will be in full swing in Arizona and pretty much nothing can stop it.

The New England Patriots are no strangers to the Super Bowl, at least Tom Brady and Bill Belichick aren’t. The Patriots go into every NFL season with a realistic expectation of making a run at the championship and have for most of the last decade. This season New England played below par for the first few weeks before setting out on a run and capturing the AFC East easily. A playoff blowout of both the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts sends them into the Super Bowl as the AFC representative. It also gives Brady and Belichick a shot at winning their fourth Super Bowl and re-establishing themselves as a dominant force in the AFC.

The Seattle Seahawks may not have the long history of the Patriots but they are certainlt building in that direction. The first Super Bowl winner to return in the next season since…the Patriots did it 10 years ago…..Seattle brings some old fashioned muscle and badass attitude to a game that seems to be slipping more and more into finesse mode. The Seahawks have the most dominating, hardest hitting, and meanest defense in the NFL, brute force made visible. Meanwhile, the Seattle offense carries some of that attitude over with the running of Marshawn Lynch in “Beast Mode” but also contains some slippery elements as Russell Wilson redefines the role of quarterback in the modern era.

Super Bowl tickets in 2015 offer the rare opportunity to see the new kids using old style techniques and the old regime still firing away with veteran savvy. It’s a contrast in method and style, personnel and product, thinking and execution. The Patriots and Seahawks have both done it in the Super Bowl with the same elements that will be on display in University of Phoenix Stadium on February 1st, 2015. Something has to give.


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