Super Bowl Tickets on Hand – I’m Thinking Packers and Steelers

by on January 21, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

If you’re an NFL fan you’re always dreaming of Super Bowl tickets. If you’re like me you’re probably getting tired of watching those four old guys who have been lucky enough, or smart enough, to land Super Bowl tickets every year since the whole thing started. Man, either they’re single or very rich I guess, or maybe they just love the Super Bowl.

Anyway, I guess if you’ve got Super Bowl tickets for the game in Dallas this season you might see those old guys wandering around somewhere at the game. But let’s get down to it:

I’m looking at the NFC Championship game like this: The Green Bay Packers now appear to be the most dangerous team remaining. These guys are on a roll and it’s hard to stop an NFL team with as many weapons as the Packers can put on the field. I also believe the Chicago Bears have gotten much better over the last few weeks but somehow I don’t have the faith in them that I do in the Packers. I’m probably wrong as usual but I see the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl.

On the AFC Championship picture I gotta go with the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is a franchise built to win from the ground up. Somehow the Steelers just don’t let a bad season or two derail them from building a solid team meant to be competitive for the long term. It’s a model franchise. Yes, the Jets shocked the Patriots last week and New York has some dangerous playmakers. But I think over the long term, calm and collected beats loud and obnoxious. Kudos to Rex but the Jets fall short again.

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