Super Bowl Tickets – The Lewis Fiasco

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Super Bowl Tickets


Well, I guess it was coming and we all knew it. Has there ever been a Super Bowl without some kind of last minute big time controversy? This is what happens when every media outlet in the country is slicing and dicing and gigging and dissecting to find that one little shred of news that beats out the other guys. the Super Bowl brings out the best and the worst and everything in between, from Jim McMahon and his comments about New Orleans to the last Ray Lewis indictable offense.

This time around Lewis is having to deal with the upcoming allegations from an alleged Sports Illustrated article that supposedly will claim that Ray Lewis used a banned substance to speed healing on his torn triceps muscle. Word is that when the injury occurred he sought out the best possible way to heal and somehow or another stumbled across a product that contains deer antler. This isn’t the first time this product has been discussed. Others have been down this road.

Lewis, for his part, is dismissing the matter as blatantly false and those of us in the public would do well to give him the benefit of the doubt. The word of one guy in this industry, who has tons to gain from the publicity, isn’t enough to hang anyone. Before I believed this story I would have to be presented with hard and irrefutable evidence. But it’s Super Bowl week so you can bet everyone is going to jump on board and run the story with plenty of restrictions and being very careful to use words like “alleged” and “according to” just like I did. Bottom line, innocent until proven guilty and let the Super Bowl run it’s course.

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