Super Bowl Tickets – Earning a Shot

by on January 12, 2013 updated January 12, 2013


Super Bowl Tickets


So you think your team has a shot at Super Bowl tickets? That just might be. Right now there are eight teams vying for the opportunity. Which NFL teams do I believe will get their shot in the AFC and NFC Championships and play a single game for the right to wave those Super Bowl tickets in the air? Let’s take a look.

49ers vs Packers – It’s pretty tough to run on the 49ers and I’m thinking the Green Bay Packers will do it sparingly. That means the onus is on Aaron Rodgers and that ain’t a bad thing at all. While I believe the Packers will score, the home atmosphere will be the killer and the lack of a running game puts this game in the hands of San Francisco in the end.

Ravens at Broncos – Let’s not kid ourselves here. While the Ravens defense is very solid, their offense can’t match the Broncos with Manning at the helm. On the other hand, the Broncos defense is no less capable and Joe Flaco is going to be hard pressed. Denver prevails.

Seahawks at Falcons – Simply put, Seattle is going to win this. The Falcons can’t match the Seahawks running game and that will be used to keep Matt Ryan and the Atlanta offense off of the field. Seattle moves on. Atlanta won’t have far to drive anyway.

Texans at Patriots – As good as Houston looked early in the season, they’ve lost their swagger. Unfortunately, it comes right at a time when it’s most important. the Patriots meet the Broncos in the AFC Championship.

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