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by on January 23, 2014 updated January 23, 2014

The Super Bowl is less than two weeks away and it seems to me that people are getting distracted. First we’ve got the whole Richard Sherman thing where he went off after the game. I kind of understand he let his mouth get ahead of his brain and said some stuff he maybe shouldn’t have. I get it. He’s going to the Super Bowl, he made a huge play in the NFC Championship. He’s one of the best corners in the NFL. OK, so he apologized and I’m ready to move on. Let it go.

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 Then there’s the whole Wes Welker hit on the Patriots Talib thing. Bill the Pill is pissed, the talking heads are debating whether it was deliberate or not, yadda, yadda, yadda. For my part I don’t think it intended to be as violent as it ended up being. It was a brush move, it’s done all the time, and the pick play is illegal but rarely gets called. Again, let it go.

 Super Bowl ticket holders should forget these things. NFL fans that need Super Bowl tickets shouldn’t get distracted. The Denver Broncos and New England Patriots will meet in Super Bowl XLVIII soon and there are bigger questions.

 Can Peyton Manning pick apart the best defense in the NFL?

 Will the physical nature of the Seattle defense shut down the Broncos passing game and keep Knowshown Moreno from gaining any traction on the ground?

 Can Russell Wilson get the Seahaws offense in gear?

 Will Marshawn Lynch be able to activate “Beast Mode?”

 Will the weather in New York be clear and mild or will Mother Nature come storming in and prove all the naysayers correct about the futility of having a Super Bowl in an open air and northern venue?

 If I had Super Bowl tickets these are the questions I would be asking. Let the past go.



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