Super Bowl Teams Big Questions

by on February 20, 2010 updated February 20, 2010

 Making the Super Bowl is a lot of hard work. Countless decisions along the way affect not only the current season but upcoming seasons as well. And the years following a Super Bowl berth have not been kind. It’s not unusual for a team to miss the playoffs after a Super Bowl.


 For the New Orleans Saints the most obvious question is Reggie Bush. Due an $8 million dollar season in 2010, Reggie Bush offers a huge potential but so far in his career has yet to prove he’s worth the big contract. Explosive at times and pedestrian at others, Bush is at a crossroads. The general feeling around the Saints is that Reggie bush will be back but it’s not a lock. Renegotiation would help his cause. With the Saints, Bush has a coach who likes him, a possible Hall of Fame QB, and a team that can certainly be a contender for many years. Hitting the road, especially for a team like the Seattle Seahawks, probably means a long dry spell while rebuilding.


 The Indianapolis Colts also have their work cut out for them. Defensively the Colts need help in the secondary and on the line to help stop the run. The offense is in good hands with Manning and a young crop of receivers, but an explosive running back could be in the cards. More defense could have put the Colts on top in the Super Bowl. What nobody is saying is that the Colts played a very conservative game in the Super Bowl where taking a chance, especially late in the second quarter, may have made the difference. So a mindset change may also be in the works for Indianapolis.


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