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While there are two teams left in the NFL, the 49ers and Ravens, the rest of the league isn’t sitting pat. In fact, the action is frantic as every NFL team that hasn’t been successful cleans house and looks forward. While we’re waiting for the Super Bowl festivities to kick off let’s look around and see how NFL teams are preparing for next season.

┬áKansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs swooped down and grabbed Andy Reid pretty quickly. Reid’s record of winning without winning it all was no hindrance in this decision.

San Diego Chargers – While I’m bemoaning the loss of my opportunity to write my annual “Nobody Named Norv” article, the fact is he had to go. The San Diego Chargers wanted someone who could get the most out of Philip Rivers and they picked Mike McCoy, former Denver Broncos offensive coordinator.

Chicago Bears – The well loved Lovie Smith wasn’t so well loved after all and Chicago went in a new direction, hiring Marc Trestman, a rare transplant from Canada. Trestman spent the last few years coaching the Montreal Alloutes where he won a couple of Grey Cups. He is expected to energize Jay Cutler and improve the Bears offense.

Arizona Cardinals – Hard to argue with this pick. Bruce Arians did a magnificent job with the Colts in a temp position.

Philadelphia Eagles – Chip Kelly parlayed a BCS National Championship appearance into an NFL job. Another college coach takes on the NFL.

Buffalo Bills – Doug Marrone was tabbed to take over in Buffalo, a big task for any coach. The Bills have been underperforming for years. maybe it’s the water. Marrone comes to Buffalo by way of Syracuse.

Cleveland Browns – Rod Chudzinski takes over as Head Coach for the Cleveland Browns. As the offensive coordinator for Carolina, Chudzinski was a big help to Cam Newton and hopes are he can elevate the quarterback position in Cleveland.

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