Super Bowl Notes – Can the 49ers Offense Get it Done?

by on January 30, 2013 updated January 30, 2013


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The San Francisco 49ers have improved offensively since the arrival of Colin Kaepernick? I believe so. If there’s an intangible element to the improvement it’s the uncertainty factor that Kaepernick brings to the table. defense can plan on rushing the quarterback, you can’t get away from that, it has to be done. But with Special K under center, two big questions have to be considered and planned for:

1) Is he actually handing off? The run defense of any opponent has to worry about the 49ers QB taking the ball, faking the handoff, and keeping it himself. While this may not be much of a worry with most NFL quarterbacks it’s a major concern with Kaepernick. The kid has wheels.

2) Can you rush him? Certainly. You have to. But you can’t just go all out. It has to be a very disciplined containment. An attempt to collapse the pocket without allowing any gaps. Let him break free and you’ve got a problem.

The inherent trouble with defending Colin Kaepernick is the extra juice of his running threat. His mobility forces defenders to slow down and do more complete reads before they react. That hesitation allows time for the hole to develop and Frank Gore to gain additional space. It also slows down the rush and in that brief moment of extra time, a receiver can break open.

For the San Francisco 49ers to win this Super Bowl they’ll have to control the clock against a good Ravens defense. I think they can do it. With no turnovers the 49ers have the edge.

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