Super Bowl News – Lynch Ain’t Talkin’

by on January 29, 2014 updated January 29, 2014

 Last week, after winning the NFC Championship, Marshawn Lynch had a lot to say. The Seattle Seahawks running back answered questions.  Obviously, he doesn’t want to get caught up in any kind of media frenzy this week as he prepares for the Super Bowl. I guess he’ll let cornerback Richard Sherman do that.

See Marshawn Lynch in the Super Bowl.

 Lynch has, in the last two days, made himself available for about 13 1/2 minutes of interviews. Yesterday he endured the questions for a little over six minutes. Today he extended that to seven. Lynch  has apparently decided to let his play on the field do the talking and seems baffled by why the press wants him to talk. “I appreciate it,” says Lynch, “but I don’t understand it.”

 I do. The NFC Championship outburst has inspired a feeding frenzy on outspoken players and Lynch has learned it’s better to keep your mouth shut. Players in the Super Bowl are asked a ton of questions, some intelligent, most routine, and some blatantly stupid. One player was asked about farting in the locker room. Lynch ain’t having it.

 He has however, fulfilled his obligation to the NFL and the league is OK with his actions even if the Super Bowl press is not. I kind of admire this guy. He’s a solid performer on the field and he keeps his mouth shut and goes about his business off the field. Some other people should pay attention.

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