Super Bowl Hopefuls Thin Out – AFC

by on December 21, 2008 updated December 21, 2008

 As always at this time of year the NFL teams with Super Bowl aspirations is beginning to thin out. All the cards aren’t on the table yet but some teams have locked themselves into the best spots.

 The Tennessee Titans and Pittsburgh Steelers will pretty much decide the top AFc seedings this weekend. Currently the Titans are holding the edge but it’s not a lock. Elsewhere, I find the whole Miami Dolphins-New York Jets-New England Patriots thing to be one interesting battle. This week, the Dolphins and Jets have what should be considered relatively “easy” games with Miami taking on an unlucky and struggling Kansas City Chiefs team amd the Jets matching up against a demoralized and leaderless Seattle Seahawks. New England, on the other hand, gets an Arizona Cardinals team that is still desperate to prove that they belong in the playoffs. Barring an unforeseen loss by Miami or New York, the Patriots are in a must win situation late in the season. A loss would deal a devestating blow to their playoff chances.  


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