Super Bowl Contenders – No Tickets for Houston?

by on December 11, 2012 updated December 11, 2012


Super Bowl Tickets


If there was ever a time for the Houston Texans to stand up and prove themselves as contenders for Super Bowl tickets it was Monday night. The Texans had plenty of momentum, the best record in the AFC, and something to prove. What they did prove was that they might be the NFL equivalent of the Not Ready For Prime Time Players as Houston got stomped 42-14 by the old stalwarts of the AFC, the New England Patriots.

So are the Texans still to be considered Super Bowl ticket worthy? This game calls that into serious question, notwithstanding the talent level of a team that’s posted 11 wins this season.  The Texans defense gave up four touchdowns to Tom Brady and allowed New England to win it’s seventh straight and pull within one game of the AFC lead. If the Patriots make a run and Houston stumbles, it could possibly set up a showdown in New England for the AFC Championship, a situation that falls heavily in favor of the Patriots.

Houston is facing more than one threat though. In the best season in franchise history the Texans are facing some teams that have big time momentum and plenty of enthusiasm. The AFC Lead may be theirs to lose but Houston has to deal not only with the loss to the Patriots but other AFC teams that look to be gathering steam, such as the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos, a pair of teams with excellent quarterbacks and “Why not us?” attitudes.

One game does not a season make but the Texans need to stand up and make a statement in next week’s game with the Colts. It’s now or never for the Houston Texans.

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