Stumbling Cubs Look for Answers but Can’t Find Them

by on June 8, 2011 updated June 8, 2011

Chicago Cubs tickets are annually among the most sought after MLB tickets in Major League Baseball, usually ranking somewhere in the Top 10 is sales. It may be the name that does the selling. Or it may be that the Chicago Cubs got on the cable TV circuit early, gained legions of fans, and just never gave them up. Or maybe it’s just the magic of Wrigley Field. But whatever it is it’s a solid something because Cubs tickets are still treated like gold.

But the Chicago Cubs are playing with lead feet. Right now I’m looking things over and the Cubs are falling out near the bottom of the MLB, third to be precise, and it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to see them at the bottom before the month of June is over. The problem is the Chicago Cubs just aren’t getting any production out of ……well, anybody. Big names like Ramirez and Soriano are in the tank. If this continues, Cubs ticket holders will be calling for big changes in management and big changes in the roster. They’re already calling for the head of GM Jim Hendry. It’s going to be interesting to see if the Chicago Cubs can salvage anything out of 2011. I do know this though: Wrigley Field will be full and Cubs tickets holders won’t be kept away. Maybe it’s the hot dogs.


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