Steelers Tickets – Watching Big Ben

by on March 23, 2010 updated March 23, 2010

 Fans with Pittsburgh Steelers tickets have mixed feeling about Ben Roethlisburger. He obviously has his supporters, having given Pittsburgh two Super Bowl rings. On the other hand he’s becaome somewhat of a pariah recently, facing his second charge of sexual assault. And while winning the Super Bowl usually propels a quarterback into the upper levels in the eyes of most fans, that hasn’t happened with Ben Roethlisberger.

Maybe it’s Big Ben’s propensity for holding on to the ball that does him in. Roethlisberger took half a hundred sacks last season, a far cry from quarterbacks like Manning and Brees. Is it all the fault of the offensive line? Probably not. Roethlisberger tends to wait far too long in the pocket, a habit that occasionally results in a great play but more often ends up with a big hit.

Now comes word that Head Coach Mike Tomlinson checks in with Roethlisberger every day. A QB that basically needs a babysitter conjurs up images of PacMan Jones. Ben has now been in a motorcycle accident followed by assault charges followed by more assault charges. It seems to me that he’s becoming more trouble than many fans feel he’s worth.


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