Steelers Tickets at Baltimore

by on September 11, 2011 updated September 11, 2011

Pittsburgh Steelers tickets are on the comeback trail after sowing the seeds of disappointment last season. And it’s typical of Steelers tickets to dish out a tough opponent as they take the Steelers to M&T Bank Stadium for a classic brutal opening game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

If you like old school NFL football you may not find a better example than a Steelers – Ravens game. These two have been locked in an intense rivalry for years now and when they meet up you won’t see a lot of finesse football. They like to punch each other in the mouth and do it hard.

I think it’s going to just as intense this week as the Ravens look for some payback after losing to the Steelers in the playoffs last season. On the other side of the ball, the Pittsburgh Steelers have to be trying to re-establish themselves as the team to beat in the AFC. A Super Bowl loss gives you nothing but a bad taste in your mouth. And what better team to take it out on than the Baltimore Ravens.

While this game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens won’t make or break the NFL season for either team, it could set the tone for what happens in December. Plus, it reminds that in an era where flash reigns, pure physical mayhem is still to be found. We like that.


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