Steelers at Broncos Playoff Tickets

by on January 2, 2012 updated January 2, 2012

Steelers Broncos Playoff Tickets Jan 8th Mile High Stadium

Steelers at Broncos Playoff tickets are available now and look to dish out on eof the more interesting stories in the NFL in 2011. The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the established NFL dynasties, one of those franchise you expect to find in the post-season. They operate on a simple principle: Play great defense and then hand the ball over to Ben Roethlisberger. It’s a formula that’s worked well for them. The big surprise to me is that the Pittsburgh Steelers weren’t able to capture their own division. Anyway, the Steelers will be an NFL Wild Card team going into Mile High Stadium in Denver as a favorite to win.

Broncos Playoff tickets are also something of a surprise. Few expected big things from the Denver Broncos this season. But somewhere along the line this whole Tim Tebow thing caught fire and the Broncos took their division. Now the Denver Broncos are ready to put Tim Tebow into the biggest game of his life against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Can Tim Tebow call on Divine Providence to get him a win in Denver against an experienced and deadly defense? We’ll have to wait and see.

For my part these Steelers vs Broncos Playoff tickets are a good bet to catch a glimpse of two teams with widely diverse styles and see who comes out on top. Tim Tebow and the Broncos have caught more than one NFL team by surprise and it wouldn’t be a shock to Denver play ball control and pull a few tricks out of their bag. The Steelers on the other hand, will play smash mouth football and just keep on pounding until they get what they want. Steelers at Broncos Playoff tickets are available now and if you’re going to be near Mile High, you should grab a few.

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