Stanley Cup Playoffs from a Cajun

by on April 9, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

 The closest I’ve ever come to an NHL game was the New Orleans brass. Coming from Louisiana, hockey has never been immediately accesible to me. I’ll admit that. In the interests of fairness though, I think at least a quick look at the Stanley Cup Playoffs is in order.

Eastern Conference – In the Atlantic the Pittsburgh Penguins have a division title, winning narrowly over the New Jersey Devils. Oddly enough to me the NY Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers are also in the playoffs. That’s four out of five teams in a division. How is that possible?

In the Northeast there’s Montreal, Ottawa, and Boston. Three out of five. Does everybody get in? Finally some sanity. In the Southeast the Washington Capitals are in and that’s it. Finally some sanity.

Tomorrow the Western Conference.

Finally a shout out to my friend Joseph Benjamin. Maybe if his pro boxing debut goes poorly he can try out for the NHL. No, his ankles are weak. I’ve seen them and I’m trying desperately to forget.   

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